I have for free chickens I have to rehome due to Neighbors two are two are solid black two are black and white speckled pick up need to have something to put them in
Sweet little stud. He would be great for breeding & is easy to handle.
I have some free Light Brahma roosters available. They are 13 weeks old.
15 Buff Orpington Roosters
I have 5 female rabbits. They are currently 10 weeks old(10-6-1. Their Mom is a New Zealand and the Dad is a Holland Lop. Asking $5 each or all 5 for $18. Will meet in Portland or Gallatin(when I am in town once a week).
Pick up in Bethpage or I can meet in Gallatin or Portland.
Porch pu or delivery for a fee
Downsizing our flock - They are 1 1/2 years old. $8 each Most are moulting currently, as is expected at this age. We also have 3 White Leghorns and 1 Black Sex Link that are 6 months old for sale as well. Same price. Must pick up.
Farm or Commercial Kitchen Equipment, may be vintage

Soay rams

This years lambs. Soay are a rate, primitive breed of hair sheep. Smaller in size than most. Extremely easy keepers! Do a better job of land clean up than my goats. Easy on the land. First 2 pics are the RBST registered sires and not for sale. This year lambs hit the ground so fast, I didnt get them all tagged. They are full Soay. My fail is your deal.
I have 40 plus acres that needs to be bush hogged and rolled there's at least 100 bales if interested contact me at 615 374 8946

Cicyle 500

Cicyle 500 more extras to come with if interested call 815-573-4975
I've got (2) Crape Myrtle Trees for sale. I'm selling them as pair for $100.00 You dig them up and Haul them off..... they are both approximately 15ft tall. They have been watered by a sprinkler system, on a regular basis for the last 3yrs. I will help whoever buys them dig them out, because there is sprinkler system ran right around the base of each of them.
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