2 - 6x11 shadow box type wall decor One says Wisdom and Knowledge and the other says Beauty and Kindness
Obviously, these are not to be scrunched up like this! I just wanted to give a better visual. They look FABULOUS when they are on 2 rods (the middle piece back/sides forward). Back side is off-white. Dry clean only. PPU
Missing 3 buttons (see pics). But the only thing wrong with them. Other than that in great condition.


Gold Frame. 14 x18 . No glass or anything, just the frame itself. PPU in Gallatin .
Large wall decor. Purchased at Hobby Lobby. PPU Kennesaw Farms
This is a like new Penguin jar with a screw top. It is from a non-smoking home and measures 8 tall, 6 1/2 at the base, and 4 3/4 diameter across the top. This is a porch pickup in Gallatin near the Gallatin airport at Steamplant/Airport Rd. Transaction needs to be completed within 2-3 days of commitment. Message me with any questions you might have. Thanks